About us

Raw.tura is a lifestyle furniture design company founded in 2014 in Manila, Philippines.

A clever combination of the words “raw” and “natura,” (which is latin for natural), the name Raw.tura was crafted to express the origin and artistry behind each piece of furniture.

Sourcing only the finest variations of Philippine wood and cowhide leather from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, Raw.tura advocates the use of raw and natural elements to soften interiors and enhance the uniqueness of any space.

Raw.tura designs and builds pieces that seek to strike a balance between a playful aesthetic and functional design, as well as marry vintage charm with contemporary taste.

By merging the worlds of lifestyle, art, and interiors, Raw.tura’s mission is to understand the necessities of modern day life in order to produce distinct furniture pieces inspired by the beauty of nature, current culture, & timeless comfort.